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Roof Coating Care and Maintenance

Roof Coating Care and Maintenance Tips

Roof Coating Care and Maintenance Tips from Rockn' G RoofingIn order to ensure that your roof coating will continue to perform to its fullest, you should follow and implement a roof coating care and maintenance program. Rockin’ G Roofing recommends a general inspection of your Acrylic, Silicone, and TPO roof coatings on a regular basis to identify possible damaged areas.

Spring and fall are good times as they fit into normal maintenance cycles. A spring inspection will catch any winter damage while minor, while fall is often part of a regular schedule to clean gutters, drain water lines, etc. in preparation for winter. Here are some recommended procedures to follow.

  1. Maintain a file for all records relating to this roof, including the Rockin’ G Roofing product agreements, reports, invoices, repair and maintenance bills, original drawings and specifications, etc.
  2. Inspect the roof and coating at least twice each year, typically in the spring and fall. The most common areas of damage or distress are at drainage points, penetrations, perimeter flashings and in traffic areas.
  3. Inspect for damage from the elements after severe weather conditions, such as hailstorms, heavy rains, high winds, etc.
  4. Arrange for prompt repairs necessary to correct non-guaranteed conditions affecting the roof surface. Repairs to the surface must be promptly performed by approved contractors with approved products and repair methods that are consistent with the type and quality of the warranted coating so that such repairs will last as long as the silicon coating.
  5. Regularly remove any debris, such as leaves, branches, dirt, rocks, bottles, refuse, that may accumulate on the roof surface. Clean gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and surrounding roof areas to ensure proper drainage.
  6. Examine all metal flashings, counter flashings, expansion joints and pitch pockets for rust, detachment, deteriorated sealant, and damage. Reattach loose metalwork. Replace sealant as necessary. Prepare and paint rusted surfaces.
  7. Examine masonry walls and copings for cracks, bad mortar joints, deteriorated sealant, loose masonry/coping stones, and indications of water absorption. Repair all such conditions to prevent water infiltration.
  8. Examine rooftop equipment such as air conditioners, ductwork, gooseneck vents, powered ventilators, evaporative coolers, antennas, equipment screens, skylights, satellite dishes, etc. for excessive movement, spillage of coolant, condensation, oil, grease, water/liquid release, etc., and damage to sheet metal cabinets and rubber or fabric gaskets that may allow water infiltration. Employ, keep and maintain drainage systems for release of water, etc. from rooftop equipment to avoid surface water buildup. Keep all rooftop equipment in good condition.
  9. Regularly examine for any cracks, blistering, or flaking. Promptly contact Rockin’ G Roofing regarding any such cracks, blistering or flaking and recoat/patch any such areas with approved Rockin G’ Roofing products.
  10. Minimize rooftop traffic. Establish paths which confine roof traffic to designated areas only. Service personnel should take care to avoid dropping tools, equipment, parts, etc. on the roof surface. Service personnel should not make any penetrations of or repairs to the coating. All work affecting the coating must be performed by an approved Rockin’ G Roofing contractor.

Rockn’ G Roofing is a Commercial Roofing Company in Miami, OK that specializes in flat and low-sloped roofs with the application of TPO, Liquid Applied Acrylic, and Silicone Coatings. Contact Us for a quote today!


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